Our Story

We start with a dream and move on to achieve those dreams, and we gradually turn those dreams into realities to be a role model for others. We started with a board from a skateboard and had beautiful nature (mountain) and today we have a large group of elite and positive-minded young people of the community who work harder every day and with a slogan that (we are generation of changes).

Let's move on..... 2016 was the year we first experienced the snowboarding with a skateboard. 2017 is a year in which we gradually began a fundamental change in the hope and message of peace with the support of the World Snowboard Federation.

2018 Having the basics experience gave us more motivation to develop this Group, and this was the second year that we organized competitions and created new hopes. 2019 is the year that all teams stand on for one word, voice and one nation. and We celebrated our progress by winning colorful medals abroad and became the hope of the new generation.

During class of 2020 with a lot of struggles we still keep doing to work on plan, Which was the first program in the spring and using snowboarding board on the sand, this hope and our struggle turned into daily disciplines so that we can move forward for lasting peace and social inequality and show a different face of This nation. This is our hope and our love for Life.(Exercise)