About Us

The Afghanistan Snowboard Federation is an independent and nonprofit organization that started its activities in 2017 by joining the World Snowboard Federation. We stepped into the arena by using sports,(snowboarding) especially the exciting winter sports. due to the dynamics of a positive social outlook. And from 2017 until now, it has been able to make a large number of young people happy by holding various programs in order to show a new and different face of Afghanistan to the world and to be a voice for prosperity, lasting peace, avoidance of war, and joint as a participation To all social genders. The best and most effective phenomenon that has brought all people and large communities together so far is sports industry, which is performed for the sake of peace and avoidance of war, which we have the tools by using snowboard to play snowboarding Game.

Our Goals

Showing a peaceful face of Afghanistan to the world with a snowboard.

Creating opportunities to integrate snowboarders on the world stage and using snowboards to ensure human rights for all.

The growth of snowboarding among women to be her voice and stand stronger in the society also keep them motivated for there goal.

Development and progress of the society and especially the young people through sports and snowboarding.

Build and hold training programs and camps for the growth and promotion of Afghan athletes in national and international game.

Establishing a relationship between Afghan athletes and world athletes.

Constructive role to raise the name of One word by athletes abroad and at home.

Attracting the most and the best facilities and sports equipment for athletes.

Holding national and international sports competitions.

Ways to encourage young people to exercise and keep them away from drugs and social misery.